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Website Value calculator and free domain appraisal tool is one of the best tool in the market to help you know the estimated virtual value of a website written in any language. This website traffic estimator can check website worth and domain value of almost any domain name extensions. You can also check website SEO stats, Alexa rank, server information, social stats, website traffic, search engine index stats, safety check, web and domain information. So don't forget to use this website worth checker to know what is my website worth!

Top Expensive Websites
# Domain Name ($) Worth
1 wordpress.org http://www.wordpress.org $ 13,628,383,296
2 statcounter.com http://www.statcounter.com $ 3,617,544,974
3 finance.i.ua http://www.finance.i.ua $ 2,310,344,750
4 plus.google.com http://www.plus.google.com $ 1,770,373,740
5 google.com http://www.google.com $ 1,756,264,036
6 facebook.com http://www.facebook.com $ 1,300,854,221
7 forbes.com http://www.forbes.com $ 1,233,899,214
8 bigtheme.net http://www.bigtheme.net $ 1,195,100,024
9 sites.google.com http://www.sites.google.com $ 1,178,050,331
10 washingtonpost.com http://www.washingtonpost.com $ 1,167,572,742
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