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Top Expensive Websites
# Domain Name ($) Worth
1 wordpress.org http://www.wordpress.org $ 1,743,997,616,798
2 twitter.com http://www.twitter.com $ 772,633,143,806
3 disqus.com http://www.disqus.com $ 195,904,368,870
4 facebook.com http://www.facebook.com $ 78,299,875,574
5 google.com http://www.google.com $ 48,144,434,782
6 mybb.com http://www.mybb.com $ 23,622,348,214
7 vk.com http://www.vk.com $ 13,630,103,446
8 whitehouse.gov http://www.whitehouse.gov $ 11,724,977,355
9 play.google.com http://www.play.google.com $ 10,450,214,334
10 photobucket.com http://www.photobucket.com $ 9,082,620,869
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