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Update : New features as Moz Page Authority added [01/09/17],Realtime Yandex Safebrowsing added [16/7/2017], Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml Stats added [16/7/2017], Web of Trust stats [ Child Safety added on 04/07/2017- works when you "update" stats ], MozRank, HTML heading tags, (New domain WHOIS added on 24/4/2017) and Complete Google PageSpeed insight Report for your website. Also now we have working facebook shares, likes, comment,linkedIn shares, Title, description, keywords. New section added as "website Comparison[23/05/2017]".

Top Websites
# Domain Name ($) Worth
1 facebook.com http://www.facebook.com $ 88,795,332,750
2 google.com http://www.google.com $ 54,911,981,406
3 youtube.com http://www.youtube.com $ 36,824,895,958
4 vimeo.com http://www.vimeo.com $ 34,740,522,078
5 mybb.com http://www.mybb.com $ 32,116,717,238
6 digg.com http://www.digg.com $ 14,476,141,092
7 maps.google.com http://www.maps.google.com $ 12,272,951,173
8 docs.google.com http://www.docs.google.com $ 9,045,781,773
9 firefox.com http://www.firefox.com $ 8,786,598,996
10 play.google.com http://www.play.google.com $ 8,614,263,798
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Statchest is a domain value calculator and free domain appraisal tool which is one of the best tool in the market to help you know the estimated value of a website[for fun, not for buying and selling] written in any language and to get domain information. Webmasters, domainers and any user with internet access can now get all website information on just one single page such as Domain Whois, server IP address, social media stats, SEO stats, pagespeed info, alexa rank, backlinks, traffic and many other web and domain information. To calculate domain valuation we take several important stats in consideration such as its alexa rank, Moz Domain Authority, social activity engagements, backlinks and few others. To provide as much as accurate site information possible, we retrieve most of our stats through various API's. Website information shown for any webmaster or site owner is good for evaluating a real web site. It is possible to evaluate website worth and domain value of almost any domain name extensions. Statchest also shows complete dns information for webmasters. Page speed score helps to know user friendliness of website. It’s better to have a fast website than a slow speed website. If an online website has high page speed score and website open very fast in all web browsers, it creates a great user experience for your site visitors. We recommend that you get your website online from a great web host. You shouldn’t worry much about pricing of webhosting, because when it comes to website uptime and speed, you should make your website as fast as possible. Statchest, shows accurate domain registration and expiry dates, which is a great way to check a when a domain name was registered on internet and when it’s going to expire. In respect to SEO point, according to Backlinko.com, search engines think older registered domain name are much more worth trusting than newly registered domain name. Daily traffic and daily money earning is shown for internet sites, and to evaluate net domain worth, we use an algorithm method. We also show your browser User Agent information and your IP address in case you wanted to know what your ip address is. No matter what your URL extension is and no matter what language or country it is based in; let it be UK or US or Nigeria or any other country, we display estimated web worth and domain valuation for free and instantly.

    Below are list of stats we display about a domain and bit information about them
  • Meta information and Title
  • You can get these information about any site. Our site tries to its best to fetch accurate Meta information of external site. Though isn’t possible to fetch for every site.

  • Website Traffic stats
  • In this section, we show estimated site unique traffic and daily page views along with possible earning of a website. You can do free unlimited domain appraisal of net sites to lookup stats we display.

  • HTML heading Tag counts:
  • You can find out which heading tags a website is using and how many number of times, those tags are being used by a website. Heading tags are important for finding easy topic and what content is about as they are seen larger in size.

  • Search Engine index Stats
  • You can try to find get estimated pages of a website being indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo. We use different API’s to get these results.

  • Website Safety Stats
  • Having a safe website for your visitors is important part of any online business and therefore we display weboftrust and Google safe browsing information about any domain name and website.

  • SEO Stats
  • We display different SEO stats (already mentioned above) and we take consideration of these in price calculation of sites.

  • Social Media Stats
  • Social media stats are great way to find out if people are really sharing your content with public. It indirectly helps gets traffic to site and improves brand name. We display counts for GooglePlus shares, Facebook likes, facebook comments, facebook shares, Tweet counts, LinkedIn shares, Pinterest pin shares, StumbleUpon share count, Vkontakte Counts. These counts gives an overview how people really spreading your content or sharing it with others, which is great thing for any website owner.