Compare Websites Compare "your website" with "your competitors" website for free.

Now, you can do free website comparison of the stats or metrics that we display for a website. The aim is to help you easily find out in which of the metrics or stats is lacking in compared to your competitors. We have no limits to the number of website you want to compare. You just need to add “your website” and “your competitors” website in the above forms and then our tool will get the information saved in our database. If a website is not present in our database you first need to add it by going to homepage. And then you can compare your website with the newly added website.

How can website comparison can help your website?

Well it’s very well known that in case you are lacking in social shares as compared to your competitors, then you might want to increase your website’s social share count either by putting a great content and allowing users to share it with many social media. Or either also by creating various social pages for your website on different social media sites and shares with it your own community or website follower. Social media does impact traffic, as if your website content goes viral, you can have loads of traffic and if you have lot of re-visitors to your website, then it’s a good thing. This is just one simple story; you should make changes in a way that you will outrank your competitors in terms of all stats.

This basic website stats comparison is or can be a great source for you to find out do you simply lack in some of the stats or the all of them. Comparison is just a way to understand where you are lacking, and then you can make an assessment how you need to get better in terms of quality content, rank and many other stuff. We also display few other stats such as registration date of domain, which is just to help you find out when a website and another website was registered and is online from that long period of time. We recommend that you read several quality blogs, forums and websites to improve your web presence and ranking in search engines.