Domain Blocklist Check in Real Time at various dnsbl. Check if your domain name or website is blacklisted for spam for free. We search different dnsbl sources via API to get information for your domain in real time.

* Requests left hourly: 997. Please wait for few seconds to get the results.

Check domain spam status if your website/domain is listed or not in various dnsbl's. We check many DNSBL sources in real-time to fetch blocklist information. You can almost check most of the domain TLD’s and nLD's. We search different DNSBL's to check if domain is blacklisted through our real time API. Domain will be shown as “listed” only if they are listed at some dnsbl.

In case you are listed on some Block List, you might see "txt record" displaying a message. You can find out when a domain was first blacklisted (if shown) on the DNSBL host and it's link. It's the message we retrieved and we display it as is. Sometimes "txt record" link you will see for a domain, might not show your domain listed on that link.